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Does my bus trip have to start in Palmerston North?
No. Your trip can start anywhere in the North Island. We're one of the most flexible bus companies around. You can choose where you want the trip to start, where you want to go and where you want to be dropped off at the end.

We can also make stops along the way to pick up people, hang out at pubs and bars, get more drinks... whatever you want.

Who can book trips with PJ's partybus?
Pretty much anyone. The only condition is that you have to be up for a good time. That means we usually don't do bowls trips and things like that.

What time do tours end?
Whenever you want. No time is too late or too early for our drivers, so whatever you can handle is sweet with us.

What do we get when we book a bus trip?
You'll have full access to everything on the bus for your trip. Bring your own music and play on our fantastic sound system, two fridges, TV, LED lighting... there's even two stripper pole on the Partybus.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?
Sure can. We can even stop at shops or restaurants along the way if you need to stock-up.

What are the rules?
We have 7 simple rules to make sure everyone stays safe and has an awesome time on the bus:

  1. Don't break glass on the bus (you might want to stick to canned beer and RTDs or drink from plastic cups to avoid this)
  2. If you're gonna spew, do it in the rubbish bags provided - not in the isle or under the seats.
  3. Don't throw anything out the windows, roof vents or doors.
  4. Respect the bus - don't trash, damage or defile it. Be good to the bus, and the bus will be good to you.
  5. Don't take your drinks off the bus into a liquor ban area.
  6. Don't open the emergency exit doors, unless there's a real emergency - there's a $500 fine if you do.
  7. HAVE FUN!

What does it cost to hire the bus?
Bus hire costs between $120-$150/hour, depending on the length of the trip and the number of people attending. Contact us to get a quote for your trip.

Are your drivers licensed?
Of course! All our drivers have the ‘P' endorsement on their licenses, which allows them to drive small and large passenger vehicles.

What if one of the partiers gets out of hand on the bus?
If someone is drinking excessively and getting out of control, the driver will tell them to stop drinking and have some food and water before they continue partying.

Our drivers can handle a lot, and we won't stop you from having a good time, but we do reserve the right to throw people off the bus or terminate a trip if there's fighting, damage to the bus or other unacceptable behaviour.